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January 19, 2018

Christian Media Daily

The Apocalypse Chronicles TV Program – 2 Hours of Bible Prophecy – Updated Each Week

This week on the video program, James Lloyd continues the extraordinary look at the stunning phenomenon of Twin Timelines. In past programs, James has repeatedly cited the heavenly architecture revealed in Zechariah, where two parts are finite -- as the text says they will be "cut off and die." This week, using the episode where the Israelite men joined themselves to Baal peor and the women of Moab, James compares this to the recently revealed statistic showing two thirds of Christian men regularly view pornography -- but God is calling His Remnant to be the "third part" which He purifies. The media players on this page play the radio version of the program, and the media player that plays the video program is found HERE.

"My People Are Destroyed For Lack Of Knowledge" (Hosea 4:6)

A Consistent Body Of Evidence Counters CDC Claims

Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E. | World Mercury Project

CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson reveals the relationship between thimerosal and tics, based on CDC’s own publications. Dr. Thompson and Dr Hooker published an editorial piece that appeared in the winter 2017 edition of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, regarding thimerosal and tics (both motor and phonic) which is quite compelling. Several of the CDC’s own studies show that high levels of thimerosal exposure via infant vaccines can lead to tics later in life, Dr. Thompson showed a clear, statistically significant increase in both motor and phonic tics in boys in a high thimerosal exposure group as compared to a low thimerosal exposure group. This is not the only time that CDC has addressed the issue of thimerosal and tics. Earlier, a relationship between thimerosal exposure in tics and all children was seen in the Verstraeten 2003 study. This relationship was dismissed by the study authors as it was not seen consistently in all 3 Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) studied. A review of study data obtained through FOIA showed a bias against reporting positive results, yet the tic association remained. Also, in a study of children in the United Kingdom, tics were seen more often in children exposed to higher levels of thimerosal. In each exposure category studied, this relationship was statistically significant. It should be noted that CDC was directly involved in making the decision to fund the UK study and was apprised of the analyses prior to publication. The relationship between thimerosal exposure and tics has also been established in literature outside of CDC’s involvement. In 2015, a study by Dr. Geier showed a higher incidence of tics in both boys and girls exposed to thimerosal (via the Hepatitis B vaccine).

These Mercury Laden Vaccines Will Be Given To Infants As Young As 6 Months Of Age And Pregnant Women In Any Trimester

When patients question the continued use of mercury in flu vaccines, they are often told it is just a "trace amount" and not harmful. A trace amount of thimerosal is defined by the FDA as being 1 microgram (mcg) of mercury or less. Flu vaccines for pregnant women may contain 25 micrograms of mercury and pediatric flu shots for infants younger than one year contain 12.5 micrograms mercury. It is estimated that up to 36 million thimerosal–containing flu shots will be distributed in the U.S. for the 2017–18 "flu season." These vaccines will be given to infants as young as 6 months of age and pregnant women, in any trimester of pregnancy. The CDC could have also commissioned the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to further investigate the literature regarding the neurological effects of thimerosal in vaccines, especially after the 2007 Thompson et al. study showed a definitive relationship between thimerosal and tics. After all, the IOM’s final word regarding thimerosal was the 2001 Immunization Safety Review Committee report which stated that the relationship between thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders was "biologically plausible." This would at a minimum require some type of "revisiting" given the new and compelling data elucidated by Thompson et al. (2007) as well as Verstraeten et al. (2003) and Andrews et al. (2004). However, when the CDC again commissioned the IOM to investigate vaccine adverse events in 2009, leading to a report released in 2011, the IOM committee was never tasked with investigating any adverse events associated with thimerosal.

Tics Were Not Added To The Vaccine Injury Table

Very recently, one Federal Agency was going to take the relationship between thimerosal exposure and tics seriously. In December 2017, the Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV), the body that determines which vaccine injuries warrant compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), considered adding tics as an injury to the "vaccine injury table" for which compensation should be received. This was on the basis of a separate citizen’s petition to allow tics to be added to the "table" and thus qualify for compensation. However, it appears that Dr. Mary Nythel Rubin, the DHHS official assigned to evaluate the relationship between thimerosal and tics was "asleep at the switch" as the material she presented to the ACCV was one–sided, inadequate and inaccurate. Much of the literature supporting the relationship between thimerosal and tics was omitted from her presentation or was misrepresented as having nothing to do with tics (e.g., the Verstraeten et al. 2003 and Andrews et al. 2004 papers). Based on this biased presentation, the ACCV voted to dismiss the petition and tics were not added to the vaccine injury table.

Where Is The Outcry From The Left?

David Knight

Where is Planned Parenthood when a pregnant woman’s choice is violated and her health is threatened by an employer demanding a flu vaccine?

Are Chinese Ingredients In Our Vaccines Harmful?

Owen Shroyer

Despite the "safe and effective" line that Doctors always repeat, many of our vaccines are made with ingredients from China where producers are allowed to function with much less oversight than in Europe or America. The prequalification of the Japanese encephalitis vaccine in China is a big step forward. Vaxopedia claims that although plenty of vaccines are made in China, the vaccines that are used in the United States are not, although anti–vaccine folks use this as a talking point to scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids. It is easy to understand the concern about all of the reports of problems with lead in the paint of toys, pet food that contained melamine that poisoned dogs and cats, and other products that are made in China, as there were once a lot of recalled products that had been made in China, including the: toothpaste recall, which contained a poisonous chemical, diethylene glycol (DEG). Two vaccines that the World Health Organization lists as priority vaccines for prequalification and that are made by Chinese vaccine manufacturers.

World Mercury Project: Chairman Robert F Kennedy, Jr. Dare To Counter False Claims About Vaccine Safety

World Mercury Project

Two highly biased organizaitons, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Immunization Action Coalition (IAC), have been attacking World Mercury Project and its Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for daring to counter false claims about vaccine safety. Yet the AAP, IAC and other non–profits such as Every Child By Two (ECBT) are among the leading actors propagating misleading assertions about vaccine safety. All 3 also are actively lobbying legislators to effectively jettison informed consent in favor of mandatory vaccines. Take a closer look at these 3 particular non–profits (AAP, IAC and ECBT), which were the focus of a trenchant investigation  published in November 2017. The BMJ is an international peer–reviewed medical journal that takes pride in the dictum that "knowledge for healthcare professionals and patients should be independent unbiased" [emphasis added]. The article’s author is Dr Peter Doshi, BMJ associate editor, at BMJ, he is also an assistant professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Dr Doski dissected the funding sources and activities of the 3 vaccine advocacy organizations and asks whether they are "sufficiently independent."

Follow The Money
Vaccine advocacy organizations like to pass themselves off as credible and independent sources of information. However, as Doshi immediately points out, the 3 dominant players (AAP, IAC and ECBT) all receive corporate funding from vaccine manufacturers as well as significant government funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). AAP is also intertwined with CDC through AAP’s representation on the CDC–based Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIP, the influential committee that meets several times annually to formulate childhood and adult vaccine schedule recommendations. The light that Dr Doshi shines on the vaccine advocacy organizations’ intentionally opaque finances is one of the most significant contributions. Dr Doshi shows that, over the past decade, CDC has been a "steady funder" of all 3 non–profits. AAP has received roughly $20 million from CDC since 2009, over a third of which ($7 million) was explicitly vaccine–related. The IAC received over $2 million in CDC vaccine–related funding over the same time frame, and a third of ECBT’s annual contributions comes from CDC. By painstakingly ferreting out and perusing various online and print sources, Dr Doshi confirmed that all 3 organizations receive financial support from vaccine manufacturers.

Organization Type/Amount of Vaccine Manufacturer Funding

  • "Corporate donors": Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, MedImmune, Seqirus
  • At least $1 million given by Merck and Pfizer
  • "Supporters and partners": AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, Seqirus
  • $1.3 million in "non–governmental contributions" in fiscal year 2016

  • Funding: Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur
  • Roughly 73% of 2015 revenue ($800,000 of $1.1 million) from "non–governmental sources"

1979 Court Ruling Favors State’s Decision Over Parent’s

World Mercury Project Daily Beast

The people of Mississippi have "the worst overall health in the nation" however the state has achieved over 99.4% vaccine coverage. This is a serious enigma, says Dr Paul Offit, an American pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases, vaccines, immunology, and virology. One of the vaccine industry’s most strident ambassadors, he admits that he is puzzled over the seeming contradiction of high vaccination rate and extremely poor health. Mississippi’s high vaccination rates are due to the state’s 1979 decision to make the government —rather than parents—the primary vaccine decision–maker for children in kindergarten. Mississippi Supreme Court’s 1979 elimination of that state’s religious exemption to vaccination, Dr Offit applauded the Court’s position, stating, "If a parent harbors a religious belief that contradicts a basic tenant [sic] of modern medicine… the state has a right to protect the child from the irresponsible acts of the parent." Dr Offit, though a parent himself, said it is the state’s determined "duty" to vaccinate which supersedes other parental rights. In short, Offit appears to believe that coercion is the name of the game, openly admitting that he disapproves of the 47 states that still allow parents in the U.S. to take religious, moral or personal beliefs into account when making vaccine decisions on behalf of their children.

Bacteria Exhibited New Combination Of Resistance Mutations Against 4 Different Antibiotics

Voice of Europe

Experts of the University of Zurich, in Switzerland, discovered a "multidrug–resistant" form of tuberculosis in 8 refugees who came from the Horn of Africa. In a new official report the Swiss laboratory mentions several cases from 2016. The head of diagnostics Peter Keller says: "These bacteria exhibited a new combination of resistance mutations against 4 different antibiotics that had never before been seen." The report says a laboratory in Germany also registered a case "with the same pathogen." After checking data of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), a total of 21 cases were identified. All cases were related to patients who had come from either the Horn of Africa or Sudan.

Mobile Genes: Make Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotics — Genes That Can Be Passed Between Bacteria

Himanshu Goenk

Scientists in the United Kingdom analyzed about 300 people and concluded that surfers harbor a lot more bacteria in their guts that are resistant to antibiotic medication, compared to people who swim in the sea but don’t surf. Led by Dr. Anne Leonard from the University of Exeter Medical School, the researchers recruited 150 surfers and 150 non–surfers, all of whom frequent the coastline of the U.K. Since the intention was to test for the presence of bacteria in their guts. After eliminating some samples for contamination and other causes, Dr Leonard and her team were left with swabs from 143 surfers and 130 non–surfers. Of the first group, a total of 13 people 9% had their guts colonized by strains of E. coli that are resistant to antibiotics. In contrast, only 4 people from the latter group, roughly 3% had the same bacteria living in their stomachs. So for every non–surfer with untreatable E. coli bacteria, there were 3 surfers. Regular surfers were also found 4 times as likely to be carriers of bacteria with mobile genes that make them resistant to antibioticsgenes that can be passed between bacteria.

Hospitals Overcome With Patients Stretching Health Care To Its Limits

Helen Branswell | Stat

A tsunami of sick people has swamped hospitals in many parts of the country in recent weeks as a severe flu season has taken hold. In Rhode Island, hospitals diverted ambulances for a period because they were overcome with patients. In San Diego, a hospital erected a tent outside its emergency room to manage an influx of people with flu symptoms. Wait times at scores of hospitals have gotten longer. But if something as foreseeable as a flu season — albeit one that is pretty severe — is stretching health care to its limits, what does that tell us about the ability of hospitals to handle the next flu pandemic? That question worries experts in the field of emergency preparedness, who warn that funding cuts for programs that help hospitals and public health departments plan for outbreaks and other large–scale events have eroded the very infrastructure society will need to help it weather these types of crises.

This Year’s Flu Vaccine Is Only 10% Effective

Jon Rappoport

In case you haven’t been following the uproar over the flu outbreak, you’ve missed the fact that… health authorities admit this year’s flu vaccine is only 10% effective. But of course, they urge you to take the vaccine anyway. Why is this year’s vaccine ineffective? Because it’s made using chicken eggs, and researchers have discovered that the flu virus — which is placed in the vaccine — mutates in chicken eggs. Therefore, by the time a person takes the flu shot, he’s not being protected against this year’s seasonal flu virus. He’s being injected with a mutated virus that isn’t causing the flu this year and may even make a person with a compromised immune system sick with the new stain of flu virus.

Despite The Obamacare Claim That More People Have Access To Healthcare – We Are Not Healthier

Alice Greene

US life expectancy fell for the second consecutive year in 2016, announced the CDC on Wednesday. This is the first time we’ve seen a multiyear drop in life expectancy since 1962. "It’s certainly concerning to see this 2 years in a row," says Bob Anderson, who leads the CDC’s mortality statistics branch. According to the report, the average life expectancy is 76.1 years for American men and 81.1 years for American women. The leading causes of death remain unchanged; foremost among them are: heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of deaths from unintentional injuries, Alzheimer’s, and suicide. The category of "unintentional injuries" includes overdose deaths, a number that will likely play a role in statistics for 2017. Deaths from drug overdoses increased by a whopping 21% in 2016. "It just keeps going up and appears to be accelerating," says Anderson. There were an estimated 63,600 overdose deaths in 2016; at least 42,000 of those were caused by opioids. "We have data for almost half of 2017…it’s still quite provisional, but it suggests that we’re in for another increase in drug–related deaths," says Anderson. If we’re not careful, we could end up with declining life expectancy for 3 years in a row, which we haven’t seen since the Spanish flu, 100 years ago. The overdose death rate is the highest in the state of West Virginia, which has a rate of 52 deaths per 100,000 residents. Ohio and New Hampshire came in second and third. The United States continues to lag behind dozens of other developed countries in life expectancy. Highest is Japan, with a life expectancy of nearly 84 years.  Despite the Obamacare claim that more people have access to healthcare, we are not healthier. It’s time to do something about it.

Calling Attention To The "Neurotoxic Content" Of Many Vaccines – "Disturbing Evidence" Vaccines May Not Be As Safe As Implied

Keith Schofield
World Mercury Project Daily Beast

Consider Mississippi’s high infant mortality rate. Half of all infant deaths in Mississippi occur on the very first day of life, and another 25% happen within the first month. Mississippi’s most recent analysis of child deaths reports that there were 523 child deaths in the state in 2014. For almost 3 in 10 deaths (29% or 151/523), the State Department of Health considered the cause of death to be "conditions originating in the perinatal period," with another 19% (102/523) in the "other and unknown" category. Reviewers then examined 172 of the total cases (33%) in greater detail, including 57 infant deaths. Almost three–fourth (70% or 40/57) of the infant deaths were due to "asphyxia", and the cause of death for another 12 infants (21%) "remained undetermined." Research has shown that U.S. medical examiners and coroners are inconsistent in the cause of death that they apply to SIDS sudden unexpected infant deaths and often classify them as "suffocation/asphyxia." This lack of consistency—and the masking of deaths that may be vaccine related "impacts true understanding of infant mortality causes, and inhibits our ability to accurately monitor and ultimately prevent future deaths.

Senator Paul Shatters Democrat Narrative Of Trump Racism


Senator Rand Paul explained how POTUS funded a trip to give eye surgeries to hundreds of Haitians. During the interview with NBC’s "Meet The Press," Senator Paul said, that he knew for a fact President Trump cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped to finance a trip, so that we were able to give vision back for 200 people in Haiti. The President’s alleged "s…hole" comment ignited a media frenzy last week and the liberal media ran with the unproven report, once again claiming Trump is racist. Rand predicts the non–stop cries of racism are only going to hurt America and decrease the chance of a successful immigration deal. "There are a lot of questions that this ultimately intersects with policy, and the only thing I regret from all of this, other than I think some people in the media have gone completely bonkers with, you know, just ad hominem on the president, I want to see an immigration compromise and you can’t have an immigration compromise if everybody is out there calling the president a racist — which is untrue."

It’s The Worst Deal Ever Negotiated – Trump Calls For The Removal Of The "Sunset Clauses"


the Treasury Department will target 14 officials, businessmen and companies from Iran, China and Malaysia, freezing any assets they have in the US. . Iranian Foreign Ministry said those new sanctions are in violation of international law, and any "fixes" to the nuclear deal will be rejected. In a statement published by the state IRNA news, the ministry said that Tehran would not accept any changes to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), "neither at present nor in the future," emphasizing that it will "not take any measures beyond the commitments it has made" under that old agreement.

Belgium’s Euthanasia Control Commission Has Failed To Prosecute Doctors Despite Public Complaints And Ample Evidence Of Malpractice

Joshua Gill | Daily Caller

Medical professionals and leaders of the Belgian Catholic Church claimed Belgian officials are abusing euthanasia laws to kill people without reasonable consent. Jean Kockerols, Auxiliary Bishop of Brussels, claimed that Belgian doctors are euthanizing patients without following proper medical and legal checks, sparking outcry from "not just the church’s hierarchy, but doctors and medical professionals as well," according to the Catholic Herald. Belgium’s Federal Commission for Monitoring and Evaluation of Euthanasia has violated "both the law and its role" by allowing the euthanization of the mentally handicapped and mentally ill and failing to prosecute doctors who shirk the required safeguards under current euthanasia law.

Church Demolition Shows China’s Paranoia Of The Growth Of Christianity

Bill Bumpas

A Christian human rights organization reported that authorities in China used explosives to demolish a popular mega–church in the latest attempt to crack down on Christianity. ChinaAid reported on January 9th, paramilitary People’s Armed Police forces used excavators and dynamite to demolish the church building. Brynne Lawrence of the Christian human rights organization says the Golden Lampstand Church had some 50,000 members. A lot of the church leaders in the past had been arrested and sentenced to 1 to 7 years in prison. It’s a very large church, as well as a very high–profile church, it had a huge physical presence in this town. Ms Lawrence noted a similar demolition of a Catholic church late last year, so Christians are starting to fear that this could become a trend. She said what happened to Golden Lampstand Church was simply a crackdown on believers. "If this church had been in any other free country, it would be considered a peaceful church organization," she poses. "It’s a very normal church, and so this is just basically China’s paranoia of the growth of Christianity showing itself."

The Communist Party Labels Falun Gong And Christians "Evil Religion" As An Excuse For Persecution

Leo Timm | Epoch Times

Chinese billionaire in exile Guo Wengui broke a long period of silence in which he described the complex web of business and politics connecting China’s elite. in video interviews. One of the most surprising revelations from Guo’s interviews, given to overseas Chinese media, is what he had to say on the subject of forced organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners. He described how his business rival, Li You, was able to obtain a liver for transplant without any difficulty, Guo said he made inquiries through his network in China about the source of the liver and found that it was to come from a murdered practitioner of Falun Gong. Guo apologized to adherents of Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), saying that he previously thought the allegations of organ harvesting were a hoax. "But judging from Li You getting a new liver, I saw that this kind of thing is really happening! I express my apologies to Falun Gong believers," Guo said.

Investigator of China Organ Harvesting Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Jack Phillips

Investigative journalist and author Ethan Gutmann has been nominated for the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for his work exposing the mass harvesting of organs in China. China’s state hospitals use the organs from practitioners of the traditional spiritual practice Falun Gong. The new report shows that between 60,000 and 100,000 transplants have been carried out annually in China over the past 15 years, and that the number of organ transplants is 6 to 10 times higher than the official estimates put forth by the Chinese Communist Party.The Chinese regime has all along denied allegations that it murders prisoners of conscience to provide organs for its transplantation industry.

Religous Prisoners From Falun Gong, Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Christians Are Primary Source Of Pillaged Organs

Organs sourced were from Falun Gong prisoners were being used in transplants.

Jack Phillips

As part of National Health Ethics Week coordinated by the Canadian Bioethics Society screened the film, Human Harvest: China’s Illegal Organ Trade at the University of Ottawa last April. The sheer volume of evidence that must be assembled and studied is one of the challenges preventing this abuse from receiving sufficient global attention. This film, having won numerous prizes including the Peabody Award in New York in 2015, continues to be shown in many parts of the world. Leon Lee, a Vancouver resident directed the film and David Kilgour who is a former MP, cabinet minister, lawyer, and prosecutor, is featured in the film along with his co–authors. As the film presents, prisoners of conscience often convicted of nothing are the primary source of pillaged organs include Uyghurs, Tibetans, and Christians, but are overwhelmingly Falun Gong practitioners long dehumanized in State media across China.

One Refugee Reportedly Fled To Syria!

Voice of Europe

The Swedish city of Malmö has a lot of ingredients that a successful city should have, but after a decade of intense immigration, things have changed in the city. The number of shootings has gone up, there were several explosions and the city became known for a series of  gang rapes last year. It had a wonderful city center, colorful architecture and it is located in a beautiful spot. Swedish journalist  Joakim Lamotte talked to several migrants and a refugee worker in the city. A migrant from Greece, who has lived for 55 years in Malmö said, "The situation has never been like this, it used to be safe outside at any time of the day. In the last 10 years, the population has been exchanged and with it the a new high crime rate. If you address this problem you are called a racist, even if you are an immigrant yourself."

News Short Briefs

  • Hawaii officials said Saturday that a mobile alert saying a ballistic missile was headed for the state was a "false alarm" after people received the alert detailing an imminent threat. Regardless, the takeaway lesson from the Hawaiian missile false alarm is: You’re on yourown & government isn’t going to protect you.
  • China’s ambition to become a major player in vaccines has hit a snag: the deaths of 17 newborn infants who had just received Chinese–made hepatitis B vaccines.
  • Ebola vaccines from global drug makers GlaxoSmithKline and Merck & Co. still await official licenses.
  • Southwestern border states that legalize medical marijuana see a notable decline in violent crime rates, especially in border counties and as compared against states that do not, a recently released study concluded.
  • Pennsylvania and Hawaii are making moves to confiscate the guns of medical marijuana users. A Pennsylvania State Police statement, citing federal law, tells medical marijuana cardholders, "It is unlawful for you to keep possession of any firearms which you owned or had in your possession prior to obtaining a medical marijuana card, and you should consult an attorney about the best way to dispose of your firearms."
  • During the Obama administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was not following proper procedures when checking if illegal aliens were known terrorists, jeopardizing national security, according to an audit.
  • Microsoft has applied to patent a brain control interface, so you’ll be able to "think" your way around a computer device, hands free.
  • Military members will see their paychecks rise by the largest percent increase since 2010 this week. At the end of December, President Donald Trump, by way of executive order, mandated a 2.4% pay hike for uniformed service members and a 1.9% raise for federal workers.
  • Germans are being mass brainwashed by television to surrender their culture and submit to Islam. Nationwide re–education program indoctrinates public to surrender their culture.
  • Eighteen states raised their minimum wages at the start of 2018, but increasing labor costs are strangling the dining industry so much that restaurants could soon face the same fate as shopping malls.
  • There are seventy–two (72) Childhood Vaccines FORCED on California children in order to go to school.

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Dead Mens Bones

Dead Men's Bones DVD
A 2 hour DVD in which James Lloyd refutes the false doctrine of the Divine Council Paradigm. Spreading like wildfire, prophecy teachers are claiming God turned over the Gentiles (at the Tower of Babel) to a "council" of angels and the false "gods" of the Gentiles. The heresy is based on heathen manuscripts praising Baal and, incredibly, many Christian scholars are claiming certain Old Testament verses were derived from writings dedicated to Baal!
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The Matter Of The Mingling

The Matter Of The Mingling
The prophetic expectation of the return of the Fallen Ones (Nephilim in the Hebrew) described in Genesis 6:4 has now reached unprecedented levels of interest. In The Matter Of The Mingling, prophecy figure James Lloyd shows how this controversial subject is an indication the body of Christ has gone astray, and this incendiary book proves it.
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Sequencing Salvation

Sequencing Salvation
Sequencing Salvation: The Revolutionary Role Reversal, shows in considerable detail how the strongholds exchanged positions, and a recognition of the resulting alignment provides significant insight concerning events in our time.
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Monster DVD

This enlightening DVD details how the final Beast government prophecies point directly to America. Still clinging to the centuries old fraud of the so called Revived Roman Empire, millions of believers are still being fed egregious lies from their pastors and prophecy leaders.
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Dragons Book

Dragons Of Esdraelon
The place/name Esdraelon is the Greek word for the Hebrew Jezreel – a very significant locale adjacent to Megiddo – the ancient locale seen in Revelation as Armageddon. In this perceptive work, James shows how the evil Spirits, seen in the Old Testament in geographic proximity to Old Covenant Israel, have now spread around the world as they switch from territorial to global control of all the nations.
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Light To The Nations

Light To The Nations
This book includes the astonishing prophetic metaphor wherein Jonah, symbolizing Old Covenant Israel, resists the call to prophesy to the Gentiles, and sails to Europe to escape the LORD's will. Swallowed up in symbolic Death – and then deposited back onto the land, where the Christ rejecting state re-emerges in 1948 as an involuntary witness, Jonah is an important figure in prophecy. Meanwhile, true Spiritual Israel is seen passing through the sea, walking in the will of the LORD, at the Exodus, even as the earthdwellers (the Egyptian host in the text) are destroyed.
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Counterfeit Antichrist

Counterfeit Antichrist
Many Christian preachers and prophecy authors are now embracing a variation on the ancient "revived Roman Empire" lie with a scenario in which the end times "Antichrist" arrives as a powerful leader from the Islamic world. Leaning on Islamic prophecy itself, in the process of presenting their case in books, television programs, and speaking engagements, these false prophets are pitching another gospel (II Corinthians 11:4) which fails to recognize the truth about the Spiritual entities – commonly identified as Antichrist and The False Prophet -- found in Revelation.
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Culting Book

Culting Of Christianity
The Culting Of Christianity links Egyptian mysticism to leaders in the early church, as well as Jewish opponents of Christianity. An incendiary breakthrough, James conclusively shows the idea of a pre-tribulational evacuation was written in religious documents before Jesus was born. And it doesn't stop there, as James tracks how Occultic writings influenced the development of early Christian doctrine.
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Even He Is The Eighth

Even He Is The 8th
The mysterious passage in Revelation, related to the Beast in prophecy, is one of the most enigmatic themes in Scripture. Now, in the new book Even He Is The Eighth, prophecy figure James Lloyd has developed a coherent, compelling probe of how this subject leads to far more than the identification of Antichrist, as it breaks down the processes involved in how mankind responds to Spiritual stimuli.
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Collective Book

The Collective
The Collective details how the Spiritual entity is essentially the opposite of the body of Christ. Symbolically articulated in the book of Revelation as the Image of the Beast, the Spiritual formation could also be described as the body of Antichrist. This polarity places the body of Christ on one end of the Spiritual spectrum, and the body of Antichrist on the other.
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Lord Lord

Lord Lord - Book
Those Famous words, familiar to Christians reading the New Testament, are spoken at the time of judgement, when the Bible says MANY will be turned away. Most believers are also aware of the ominous response in which Christ tells this "many" to depart from Him, as He never knew them.
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The Remnant of Israel Revisited

The Remnant of Israel Revisited - Book
This brand new title from James Lloyd picks up hwere his previous books, The Remnant Of Israel, and The Remnant In Romans left off.
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The Double Day

The Double Day - Book
This is a stunning work, which adds an important new perspective to the remarkable prophetic formula known as the 6,7,8 Cycle. The pattern, shows man and his efforts represented by the number 6 (man was created on the 6th day), encountering Christ (represented by the divine 7), combining to produce the 8 - the number of new beginnings.
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The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses - Book
After years of prophetic work, this is his first look at the provocative subject. In this amazing material, James refutes the commonly offered identifications for the Two Witnesses, instead approaching the subject from the Remnant perspective.
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American Babylon

American Babylon - Book
Written in 2011, American Babylon represents a return to the begining for author James Lloyd. His first published work, Beyond Babylon, was written 20 years ago, and 60 titles later, American Babylon reflects the prophetic depth that decades of research and study can generate.
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Aliyah - DVD
A new television presentation from James Lloyd, the Aliyah (a word which means to ascend) to Jerusalem was installed in the heart of the law and the prophets.
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The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree - DVD
A new DVD addressing the metephor used by Jesus Christ indentifying Israel as the Fig Tree. Drawn from the Apocalypse Chronicles TV Show featuring James Lloyd, this 2 hour video presents the multiple analogies in which Israel is seen in the similitude of a Fig Tree.
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Prophecies Of The Pre-Messiah

Prophecies Of The Pre-Messiah - DVD
This is an unprecedented television production from Christian Media, in which James Lloyd produced 8 hours of video, in a verse by verse analysis of the book of Nehemiah.
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