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January 21, 2015

Christian Media



As this multi part series dealt primarily with the end of the 2nd Old Testament era kingdom of Assyria, and the introduction of the 3rd kingdom of Babylon in our last episode, we barely scratched the surface of the Christian era parallel. The reader will recall the Old Testament documented sequence of six Gentile kingdoms, consisting of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome, are paralleled by the New Testament era sequence of six Gentile kingdoms, consisting of the Holy Roman Empire, Imperial Spain, England, Russia, Germany, and America.

Because of the eerie parallel nature of each of these empires predicted in the Bible, the present work has dubbed the “Diverse Fourth Beast” of Daniel 7:23, as Romerica.

The sequence can get a bit confusing, but it helps to remember the Assyrian dominion was preceded by the original Babylonian – a short lived power structure which was decimated at the scattering seen in the Tower of Babel episode in Genesis 11. Thus, the Assyrian Conquest of the ancient near East was actually the resumption of the rise of the original Babylonian power which was cut short. It is after the fall of Assyria, that we find the more familiar neo-Babylonian Empire seen in Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah.

Few contemporary believers are aware of the details found in the Assyrian religion, but a point of great interest is the close correlation between Egyptian ritual and the Assyrian rites – and this is also seen in their parallel kingdoms in the New Testament era – the Holy Roman Empire, and Catholic Spain. These parallel traits can be found in the scholarly literature, but the historians are routinely ignorant of their Spiritual implications.

For instance, although the Assyrians utilized the Accadian dialect when their ancestors migrated into the region, the older Sumerian linguistics continued to be used, and at least one scholar noticed the similarity, and made the comparison with the Latin used by Roman Catholicism, in both Rome and Spain:

“The Sumerian language continued to be used for religious purposes down to the Seleucid period, just as Latin continued to be the language of the Church and the law during the Middle Ages” (Babylonian and Assyrian Religion, S H Hooke, 1963, page 12).

Scholars even suspect a link between the Assyrian god and the Egyptian god. The chief deity in Assyria was Ashur, and early texts have several variant forms of the name, such as A-sir, A-usar, A-shar, and others; thus, more than one antiquarian expert has suspected the name is derived from the Egyptian Osiris:

“The form Ashar occurs as the name of an Amorite god, while in the Sumerian liturgies one of the names of Tammuz is recorded as Usir” (ibid, page 24).

The association between the premiere goddess of Assyrian religion, Ishtar, and the Egyptian Isis is well attested to. Just as the mythos of Isis has her descending into the nether regions on a heroic mission, multiple ancient tablets have Ishtar performing the same feat.

Many have noted that at the rise of Catholicism, the Egyptian and Assyrian legends of a goddess mother (Isis and Ishtar respectively), were assimilated into the Catholic religion, and assigned to Mary. Further, Assyrian religion was ritually centered on the calendar, complete with extensive mystical processions and incantations universally associated with the New Year.  

“That Christmas was originally a Pagan festival, is beyond all doubt. The time of the year, and the ceremonies with which it is still celebrated, prove its origin. In Egypt, the son of Isis, the Egyptian title for the queen of heaven, was born at this very time, about the time of the winter solstice” (The Two Babylons, Alexander Hislop, Page 93, published in 1916, emphasis mine).

Even the title of Ishtar, “the queen of heaven,” a term originating in Egypt and Assyriology, is widely used to apply to Mary, to this very day in Catholic countries (Jeremiah 7:18).

In Egyptian and Assyrian religion, the priesthood was so powerful that no kings could sustain power without their backing. Further, the high priest of the religious system led a processional ritual, on behalf of the deity, whenever a new king was inaugurated:

“In Assyria, the national god, Ashur, took the place of Marduk as the central figure of the ritual, but no Assyrian king was considered duly enthroned until he had taken the hand of Marduk” (Babylonian and Assyrian Religion, S H Hooke, page 55).

This was recapitulated in the coronation ceremony in Rome as well as Spain, and the blessing of the Pope (who paralleled the Assyrian high priest), as a part of this ritual anointing, was critical to the perceived legitimacy of a king. However, when the 3rd Christian era kingdom of England rose to dominion, and the Protestants came to power, the Papacy was forever excluded from this process. This cycle also occurred in the transition from the Assyrian kingdom, to the 3rd kingdom of Babylon, as we shall see.

In Assyrian religion, the various orders of the priesthood were consider indispensable to everyday life, and the average citizen could not conceive of life without the religious power structure.

“An eminent Assyriologist has said, The ashipu-priest, i.e. the exorcist, is the father confessor of the [Assyrian] community” (E. Ebeling, Aus dem Tagewerk eines assyrischen Zauberpriesters, Leipzig, 1931).

Throughout the Romanist period, as well as Catholic Spain, the populace was completely immersed in the authority of the Church – to say nothing of the obvious parallel showing that the rite of exorcism has definitive connections to Roman Catholicism.

Archaeologists have unearthed and deciphered many Assyrian tablets describing the details of everyday life in the kingdom – notably the library of the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal -- and these materials tell us the Assyrian people depended on the priesthood for rituals to protect them from evil spirits. The people were particularly fearful of dying without the Assyrian equivalent ritual of last rites:

“Specially feared were the spirits of the dead who had not had the due burial rites performed over them….many texts describe the activity of the ashipu in the performance of rituals….and the ashipu was called in to perform the rituals and recite the incantations proper to the particular case” (Babylonian and Assyrian Religion, Hooke, pages 75, 76).

For a Spaniard, under the powerful thumb of this “Christian” priestcraft – an institution vested with the power to order you burned at the stake if you were deemed to be a heretic, the idea of dying without the Catholic priest performing last rites was unthinkable. However, in the neo-Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar, at times the prevailing power held the priesthood in contempt, as witnessed by Nebuchadnezzar’s edict that if the religious leaders of his kingdom failed to interpret a particularly epic dream, he would have them executed.

“Then the king commanded to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for to shew the king his dreams…[and said] if ye will not make known unto me the dream, with the interpretation thereof, ye shall be cut in pieces, and your houses shall be made a dunghill” (Daniel 2:2,5).

In the Assyrian dominion, the penalty for practicing sorcery, known as kishpu, was death; but in the subsequent Babylonian kingdom, the previous verse tells us the sorcerers were part of the multitude of “wise men.” This parallels the case of Protestant England, as in Spain and pre-Protestant Reformation England, the religious power was focused within the Catholic Churches, and particularly the singular figure of the Arch-Bishop, the Pope’s direct representative. However, when the British crown broke with Rome, the English found many Protestant voices, scholars, writers, and influential citizens who espoused their religious perspective in reliance upon the Scriptures.

Nebuchadnezzar’s authoritative demand of the multitude of religious figures that they give him what he wanted – the interpretation of the troubling dream – was paralleled by Henry 8th’s demand that they give him what he wanted. In Henry’s historic action, he vehemently insisted that his Protestant Spiritual authorities come up with a religiously acceptable contrivance allowing him to remove his Catholic wife, Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the king of Spain, so he could legally marry Anne Boleyn, a Protestant woman who promised him a son.

As Henry severed English relations with Rome and appointed himself the head of the Church, he simultaneously broke with Catholic Spain, by putting aside his Spanish wife Catherine – marrying Anne Boleyn who bore him Elizabeth – the great Protestant queen who was to subsequently defeat the Spanish Armada. In the previous installment of the present work, we showed how Elizabeth was a pivotal figure who completed the transition from Catholic Spain (the 2nd kingdom in the Christian era set), to the 3rd of the Christian era kingdoms, seen in the quartet of Empires imaged as the Lion, Bear, Leopard, and Diverse Fourth Beast in Daniel 7 – with England rising as the sea-borne Lion kingdom.

As we previously detailed, the storms which damaged the Spanish fleet were widely perceived to be supernaturally sent by the LORD Himself, in a striking parallel of the divine destruction seen in the fall of the Assyrian Empire. In the 16th century AD parallel, as the huge naval battle began, Elizabeth rallied the English to stand up to the awesome naval power of Spain, as she personally inspected her troops, and rode out to stand with them in a feat of unmatched courage:

“London and the Queen knew that the day of reckoning had come. As soon as the ships began to make their way up the channel, the fighting began. While English soldiers and sailors fought for England's liberty, Queen Elizabeth made her way to Tilbury. She was not going to sit trembling inside a guarded Palace while her people fought, but was going to go to the coast of the battle and "live or die" with them. Like a true warrior Queen, Elizabeth, upon a White Horse, inspected her soldiers, and made what was possibly her most famous speech of all” (http://www.elizabethi.org/contents/armada/)

This introduces an astonishing revelation, for the imagery of the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the White Horse, is a New Testament parallel to the very same four kingdoms of the Christian era, England, Russia, Germany, and America – all imaged in Daniel 7 as the Lion, Bear, Leopard, and Diverse Fourth Beast. Thus, contrary to centuries of “Christian” false prophecy which identifies the Four Horsemen as yet future, the White Horse of Revelation 6 is the Lion kingdom of Daniel 7the British Empire.

“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering, and to conquer” (Revelation 6:2).

-- James Lloyd

[More On The Four Horsemen As The Quartet Of Daniel 7]


The present exposition continues the astounding revelation of the identities of the Christian era powers seen in the books of Daniel and Revelation. This installment delves into the larger picture of the sequential entities which are identified as the Antichrist beast, which comes up out of the Sea, and the False Prophet beast which comes up out of the Earth. For more on these amazing identifications, see the James Lloyd DVD THE SAND AND THE SEA.

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